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Thermaload – Intelligent Load Banks

  • Jul 15 / 2014
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Thermaload – Intelligent Load Banks

What are Load Banks?

The necessity and dependence on power at mining sites, oil and gas refining, in hospitals, transport and many other essential services has meant a rapid growth of back up generators and UPS systems for back up power.The increase of computers and telecommunications equipment demands faultless performance in the event of power down conditions. This can only be fully achieved by resistive load testing the stand by systems on installation and at regular intervals.

The life and efficiency of diesel generators can be greatly reduced when running under-loaded, causing damage to the engine, fouling of valves and exhaust ports. Also causing extensive cylinder bore glazing to a point where engines could stall or completely fail to start when they are needed the most – during a mains power failure.

Standard Load Banks

Only resistive load banks can guarantee the ultimate operating conditions and efficiencies of stand by generators. The importance and necessity to test batteries and UPS systems can only be achieved with resistive load banks. Batteries quite often require a full discharge test to monitor cell condition.

Auxiliary equipment such as resistive load banks ensure regular and reliable load testing can be performed without interruption to mains power supply and leaving you confident that your emergency power system will function during any mains power failure.

Design Features
TEE’s load banks are available in manually switched to fully automatic-controlled units. Ranging in sizes from 0.2kW to 2MW with safety interlocks such as high temperature overloads, low air flow switches, phase sequence control and fan motor overloads.

Other features include

  • Low temp Stainless Steel finned air resistors
  • Powder coated rigid housing
  • High air flow axial fan(s) with safeties
  • Auto and manual load switching⁄shedding
  • LCD multifunction metering
  • Data extraction and fault log capability
  • Auxiliary power outlet for cooling fan operation
  • Emergency stop
  • Power on – Resistors on – Fan on – Fault indication
  • Manual reset over temperature safety thermostat
  • IP55 rated
  • Lockable castors
  • Power-loc connectors and 6m cables
  • Real time graphic display
  • Provision for forklift tynes
  • Overhead lifting access

A load cooling timer which allows the cooling fan to continue operation for an additional 5 minutes after load shut down is optional.

TEE can also provide individual load bank elements, for more information download our specs sheets.

Touch Screen Control

Thermal Electric can supply resistive load banks with a touch screen controller for fully automatic operation.

Control Management Setup

  • Manual Override = Yes⁄No
  • Load Dump = Yes⁄No

Monitor Button

This will present the user with real time data of the system in operation, either in auto or manual.
Values presented graphically can be scrolled

  • Generator Load kW
  • Load Bank Engaged kW
  • Volts, Amps, Hz, Cos
  • Load Bank Temperature
  • Fan Status
  • Cool down Time Elapsed
  • Cool down Time Remaining

Auto⁄Manual Button

When Auto is selected the unit will automatically select the required resistor steps based on the setup criteria. In the event mains power is selected, the system will dump the load and initiate the system cool down function.
When Manual is selected, the unit will present the user with a window to enter a kW value as a number. The system will engage the required steps to reach the desired value. There will also be an UP⁄DOWN button to allow the user to increase or decrease the kW value incrementally.

Load Dump Button

At any time while the system is operating in Auto or Manual mode, the user can press the Load Dump Button on the screen to cancel all load steps immediately.

Remote Connection

The ability to connect remotely through the Schneider app.

Data Logging

Optional data logging of testing reports into Excel format

Portable Load Banks

Portable load banks offer a simple and compact solution for load testing.
While all ThermaLoad load banks feature castors, our portable range provide a more compact and portable unit for ease of maneuverability.
ThermaLoad portable load banks make it easy to access out of the way testing locations or roof top generators only accessible by elevators.


  • Single and Three phase power
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Manual or Auto operation
  • Available with main leads or surface socket
  • Light weight but still rigid
  • Compact size
  • Lockable castors for transport
  • Weatherproof for site operation
  • Optional metering
  • Powder coated housing
  • Simple operation
  • Emergency stop

Water Cooled Load Banks

Thermal can design and manufacture water cooled load banks for a wide range of applications, including yachts, ships, high-rise buildings or applications where a fan cooled unit would be too large, bulky or noisy.

Water cooled load banks can use all types of water (including recycled water from chiller systems or sea water pumped directly into a ship) offering a flexible, quiet and efficient design for load testing.


  • Vertical or Horizontal mount
  • High grade 316L stainless steel resistive elements
  • Full 316 stainless steel construction
  • Power ratings from 10kW up to 1MW
  • Incorporates the digital touch screen control seen on our standard range of ThermaLoad load banks
  • Supplied complete with circulation pump and control cabinet ready for installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Ideal for use in super yachts, naval ships, ferries, cargo vessels, indoor installations, offshore platforms, HVAC, city buildings and more.

Braking Resistors

Braking Resistors are used in motion systems to convert excess electrical energy when decelerating into thermal energy through electric heater elements inside the unit. This is known as dynamic braking.
Thermal Electric design and manufacture custom braking resistors to suit the load and spatial requirements of your application. Our braking resistor units can be air cooled or water cooled, based on your needs.

Thermal can supply a complete braking resistor unit or individual replacement parts, from controls and accessories, to the finned heater elements used inside the unit.

Braking resistors can be used in a range of applications, including conveyors, engines, cranes, trains and more…


  • Painted, Galvanised or Stainless Steel finish
  • Aluminium grilles
  • Air Pressure switch
  • IP Rated
  • Lockable castors
  • Isolation switch
  • Axial fan
  • Turret punched grill⁄assembly
  • High temperature overload

Experience List

Date Project Name Product Quantity Country
2014 Load Testing 785V 75kW Braking Resistors 2 Australia
2014 Load Testing 240V Load Bank 1 Australia
2014 Site Load Testing 415V 15kW Load Bank 1 Australia
2014 Crane 400V Braking Resistor 1 Australia
2014 Power Grid SA 240V 10.8kW Load Bank 1 Australia
2014 UPS Testing 240V 10kW Load bank 1 Australia
2014 Site Load Testing 415V 45kW Load Banks 5 Australia
2014 Commonwealth of Australia 550V 1.9MW Load Banks 2 Australia
2014 Refurbishment 240V Load Banks 66 Australia
2014 GLNG Battery Testing 230V 80kW Load Banks 2 Australia
2014 Crane 330V Braking Resistor 1 Australia
2014 Refurbishment 240V Load Banks 80 Australia
2014 Load Testing 415V 20kW Portable Auto Load Bank 1 Australia
2014 Refurbishment 240V Load Banks 12 Australia
2014 Refurbishment 208V Load Banks 48 New Zealand
2013 Airport Generator Testing 415V 33.75kW Portable Load Bank 1 Australia
2013 Chevron Gorgon Project – Barrow Island 415V 300kW Resistive Load Bank 1 Australia
2013 Load Testing 1000V DC 75kW Fixed Braking Resistor 1 Australia
2013 Longreach Various size Resistive Load Banks 5 Australia
2013 Solar Power Grid 415V 500kW Resistive Load Bank 1 Tonga
2013 NBN Rollout – NSW 415V Resistive Load Banks 12 Australia
2013 NBN Rollout – VIC 415V Resistive Load Banks 18 Australia
2013 NBN Rollout – TAS 415V Resistive Load Banks 32 Australia
2013 SA Power Project 415V 15kW Resistive Load Banks 2 Australia
2012 Gen Set Testing – NSW 415V 25kW Resistive Load Bank 1 Australia
2012 Gen Set Testing – NSW 415V 20kW Resistive Load Bank 1 Australia
2012 Water Plant Project – QLD 415V 30kW Resistive Load Banks 2 Australia
2012 Gen Set Testing – QLD 415V 30kW Resistive Load Bank 1 Australia
2011 Naval NSW Gen Set Testing 450V 64kW Resistive Load Banks 8 Australia
2011 Naval NSW Gen Set Testing 450V 60kW Resistive Load Banks 8 Australia

For more information, download our Load Banks PDF Brochure, Contact Us, or request a quote.
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