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ThermalEx and ThermaLoad – Heating for Mining & Energy

  • Nov 04 / 2015
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ThermalEx and ThermaLoad – Heating for Mining & Energy

ThermalEx and ThermaLoad heaters and load banks are already in use across a number of mining and energy sites both in Australia and overseas. From underground workplaces to gas processing facilities, remote sites and offshore rigs, including Olympic Dam, the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline, Gorgon and Gladstone LNG.

Thermal Electric designs and manufactures all of its products in-house to provide the most efficient solution that is fit-for-task, eliminating a lot of issues experienced with off the shelf generic designs.

ThermalEx Hazardous Area Heaters

Our ThermalEx range is certified to both IECEx and ATEX standards for hazardous areas, ensuring the highest safety and quality standards, giving you piece of mind and insurance against ignition dangers while operating in hazardous areas.

Electric heating is vastly superior to gas powered heating when accurate temperatures are required. The power consistency and quality of our electric heaters provides cost-efficient and optimised heat for your application, while allowing for ease of installation and servicing.

The ThermalEx certified range is constantly expanding and includes a variety of products, check out our latest certification and products, including complete control panels, vessels, heater bundles and more.

ThermaLoad Resistive Load Banks

Our ThermaLoad range of resistive load banks and braking resistors are used across a wide range of industries for generator load testing, battery testing, dummy loads to ensure generators are running at optimal capacity and more.

As with all of our products, ThermaLoad load banks are designed and manufactured fit-for-task and optimised for your specific application, offering a host of extras like touch screen controllers, trailer or container mounting, auto or manual control, remote operation, USB data logging and more.

With a variety of lifting and handling points that can be added and sizes ranging from small box like units to large 1MW units, we have a ThermaLoad resistive load bank to suit your needs.

Check out more details on our ThermaLoad range.

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