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TEE to Green

  • Jul 04 / 2014
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TEE to Green

Thermal strives to find efficient and cost-effective processes both in the way we manufacture our products and the way we run our business. This helps to reduce waste both in our manufacturing and in the use of our products by our customers.

Our Products

Thermal utilises the best possible materials and design concepts to ensure that all of our heaters work at optimum efficiency levels to reduce wasted energy, heat and power costs.

Higher watt density and output with less power draw
A lot of companies will use only a few different types of materials to manufacture their products. At Thermal we use a vast array of materials and components in order to give the best combination for each customer’s application.

With Thermal’s unique manufacturing processes, our products can be designed to be long lasting with high outputs and watt densities if required. This gives our customers a greater flexibility in the design of their units.

Designed for efficient heatzone use and minimal wastage

Thermal’s elements are all designed to make the most of the materials used. This includes utilising the heatzone effectively to achieve the desired temperatures with the minimal amount of wasted heat and energy. This reduced wastage also helps keep the power cost down as the unit will not have to be over-worked to reach the same result.

Safety with electricity
Using electric power over gas with heating units provides a much safer environment for our customers and their staff.
Gas units are often bulkier and require more maintenance than electric units which can increase running costs over time.
Staff that are required to change over gas bottles or hoses on the gas units are also at risk of igniting the gas, while electric units do not require open flames and are simply turned on and off at the switch.

Our Business

Thermal has undergone a complete overhaul of its processes and systems in the past few years by implementing a Lean Manufacturing program designed to minimise waste and streamline processes.

Minimising wastage
The only waste produced by TEE is scrap metal and cardboard. Both of these products are re-used where possible or else sent to local recyclers.
Any packaging, cartons, crates or other materials received when goods are shipped to us are reused by our packing department where possible. Any extraneous cardboards and timber are sent to local recyclers.
All scrap metal offcuts are sorted by size and material so as to be reused. Any pieces not big enough to be reused are then sent to the scrap metal recyclers.

Reduce, reuse and save some trees
Thermal’s offices all utilise scanners and electronic copies of files as much as possible to reduce the amount of paper used. All scrap paper is reused for internal documents and any paper that cannot be reused is shredded and used for packing materials by our despatch department.
TEE also minimises the amount of printers in the company by sharing them among users, thereby cutting the amount of toners and cartridges used. Old cartridges are also placed in cartridge recycling boxes.
Old uniforms are recycled as rags for use in the factory and stock levels are kept to a minimum to ensure a low obsolescence rate.

Conserving power and water, and using renewable energy
Thermal’s water use is very minimal, using only what is required for staff hygiene purposes and the occasional refill of a small water testing tank.
Energy audits are conducted regularly to monitor our electricity costs. Thermal’s staff are very conscious of electricity use and ensure that all lights, urns, air conditioners and heaters are used minimally, with most equipment operating on timers or sensor switches to ensure they are not left on unnecessarily.
Thermal also recently installed a 10kW solar power unit to one of our equipment sheds in order to help offset our electricity use.

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