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Pool, Spa & Water Heating

  • Jul 14 / 2014
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Pool, Spa & Water Heating

Heating elements for the swimming pool, hot tub, spa, sauna, leisure and relaxation industries

Vulcanic TEE manufactures a large range of heating elements that are used for swimming pools, spa⁄hot tubs, sauna and steam room electric heaters of all makes and models.

Electric elements manufactured by Vulcanic TEE are unique in design and are manufactured using special processes and materials. Electrical testing and quality inspection are performed several times during production and elements not achieving Vulcanic TEE’s high quality standards are discarded.

All materials used to manufacture our heating elements are of the highest grade and quality available today, which eliminates performance problems. This ensures that our elements operate and comply with all electrical standards world wide concerning earth leakage and residual current leakage.
An element sheath that is very highly resistant to corrosion is used, enabling the elements to last much longer than standard type elements when introduced to extreme conditions such as high chlorine and PH levels.

Many shapes, sizes, voltages and element configurations are available. If you are having problems with your current supplier’s element performance, contact us for a permanent solution.

View the terms of our product warranty.