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Next Generation Clean-In-Place Heating

  • Jan 30 / 2015
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Next Generation Clean-In-Place Heating

Thermal’s new generation of Clean in Place Heaters are designed for high steam pressure and temperatures to assist the system in providing superior cleaning without degradation.
Each heater is custom designed and manufactured to suit your CIP system and application, from corrosive acids to plain water solutions, in all shapes, sizes and installations, TEE’s CIP heaters are made to fit.

Manufactured from the highest grade materials, our CIP heaters reduce the amount of maintenance needed and offer a long lasting solution, cutting your overall costs. We can also replace your current CIP heating if they are damaged or under-performing.

Thermal Electric provides an overall heating solution, designing each CIP heater to provide the most efficient unit for your particular application, from temperatures needed, power used and shapes to make installation easy.

Our CIP heaters can also be manufactured for hazardous areas certified to IECEx or ATEX standards if required, protecting you and your workers from dangerous sparks or ignitions in explosive atmospheres.

Contact us now or send through a quote request to find out how we can help you make your CIP system more efficient.

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