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Keeping Bitumen moving

  • Nov 13 / 2014
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Keeping Bitumen moving

TEE’s Bitumen heating solutions

Thermal Electric designs and manufactures custom immersion heaters for the Bitumen and Asphalt industries to be used in various applications including storage containers, tanks and onboard spray trucks.
Bitumen needs to be kept hot to avoid setting as it cools and to maintain fluidity for use and transport between containers and delivery to trucks. Specialised heating bundles are also used onboard the road spraying trucks to ensure the flow of the product when in use.
TEE’s unique black heat design guarantees maximum heating efficiency without burning the bitumen product or causing vapourisation. Our low watt heaters have been very successful due to their reliability and their ability to stop heat transfer into the terminal⁄control enclosure.
Standard heaters are available for use in storage tanks and containers as well as custom designed heaters to suit special applications.

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