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Keep it clean with Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray!

  • Jun 20 / 2014
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Keep it clean with Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray!

As the warmer weather hits us, we’re bound to start using our air conditioner’s more and more. Unfortunately, this means more unsightly condensate coming from our compressor units.
This condensate can cause unsightly and dangerous puddles around the unit and even stain the ground, which is a problem when the unit is located on balconies or in areas where people might be walking past.
Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray fits neatly under the compressor unit and plugs straight in to give you an easy and efficient way of removing the condensate without the need for bulky pumps or drainage solutions.
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  1. Domenic Simonetti

    Really interested
    Is there anyway i can get one shipped to Montreal and for what cost?
    Do you have any dealers for this product in montreal?
    If yes, who?
    If No, is there a possibility that i can become one, I am an air conditioning contractor in Montreal, and with the amount of Condo’s residential housing
    Going up now a days, this is and would be a fantastic product.
    I can be reached at 514-993-6642

    Thank you

    • Peta Jardine

      Hi Domenic, sorry for the late reply, I will take all your info and will have one of our technical staff contact you with details and options. We don’t currently have a dealer in Canada but we are able to export our goods there so we can probably work something out for you. I’ll make sure someone is in touch with you shortly. thanks!


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