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HVAC & Air Conditioning

  • Jul 10 / 2014
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HVAC & Air Conditioning

Vulcanic TEE offers a complete heater bank (electric duct heater) package for the HVAC industry.
Vulcanic TEE uses high quality materials in all units, including Stainless Steel finned heating elements to ensure long-lasting and efficient use. Some companies will supply electric duct heaters with a mild steel painted surface finish which continuously bakes or burns over a period of time, releasing fumes into the duct. These fumes are known to cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) which affects all individuals within the building and can result in unwanted illness and possible liability.
Sick Building Syndrome is often caused by a HVAC system that is re-circulating polluted air.
Our SBS white paper can explain this in more detail.

Are you working on a pre-1980 installation? It could contain ASBESTOS!

Vulcanic TEE can design and manufacture one off EDH units or hundreds of units, for projects both large and small,
view our Experience List for more information on the projects we’ve worked on.

Air Heater Banks for Duct Applications

Complete air heater banks incorporating the choice of elements are designed and built to meet the requirements of individual air conditioning installations. Once we have been provided with full details of the job, the most economic arrangement of elements, banks, etc, will be selected to comply with requirements. Terminal boxes are custom made to suit your duct size. Heaters are wired in the number of steps required to a terminal block inside, therefore enabling your electrician to connect up power supply easily.

Duct Heater Handing Side

To improve the efficiency of Vulcanic TEE Electric Duct Heaters, Vulcanic TEE designs all units with a specified handing side based on the customers requirements and site limitations. By selecting a handing side relevant to the particular duct installation, on-site servicing is made much easier by facing the unit in a more easily accessible direction. Determining the best handing side for an electric duct heater also optimises the performance of the unit by allowing for much more thorough over temperature monitoring based on the position of the unit within the duct. The handing side is based on the ductwork that the unit is being installed into when looking down the duct with the airflow coming towards you. The handing is then specified as either Left hand side or Right hand side.
The picture to the right shows an EDH with a Left Handing configuration.

Job data required for finned or unfinned heater banks

  • Nominate the element to be fitted or standard specified, ie, AS1668 Part 1 or AS3102
  • Size of duct and entry side for bank.
  • Handing direction – Left or Right.
  • Total kilowatts required.
  • Number of control steps needed and whether wiring is single or 3 phase.
  • Details of controls required to be fitted to the units.

Air Heater Banks for Package Units

Package unit heaters comprise of elements mounted in a steel frame with removable terminal cover for easy connection of power supply by electrician. Job data required as above. (Disregard item 2 and instead state the size or brand model of air conditioning unit requiring the heater.)

Individual Air Heater Elements

Individual finned heater elements are also available from our wide range of standard units, or custom designed to suit your specific needs.
Elements are available in straight, U, W or Triple U-forms and rated at 240V with Stainless Steel sheath and fin.

If you would like more information on our finned heater range, download our specs sheets.

Controls for the Air Conditioning Industry

In accordance with AS1668 Part 1, temperature controllers and air pressure switches are required to eliminate overheating and possible premature failure of duct heaters.
Over Temperature controllers:
An over temperature controller is a thermally operated switch, designed to provide protection when it’s capillary tube is heated above a preset cut out temperature. This could be caused by an accidental cutting of the air flow. Over temperature controllers come in both manual and automatic reset. The units are fail safe, if capillary is ruptured, the contacts open automatically.
Standard 2-hole mounting
Standard capillary length of 600mm
Standard lead length of 300mm

Other controls and accessories such as Air Pressure Switches and PENN type thermostats are also available

The risk of Asbestos in pre-1980 installations

Asbestos was commonly used as insulation around the electric duct heaters in the HVAC systems of pre-1980 buildings. Servicing and replacing these heaters can disturb the asbestos in the insulation, causing contamination not only in the direct area of the heater being serviced, but the particles could find their way into the duct system affecting those in areas served by that system.

It is important to always check pre-1980 (and even early 80s) installations thoroughly before disturbing any of the insulation. Do not rely on the buildings Hazardous materials or Asbestos register reports as these often leave out the HVAC system.

Read more about the risks


Evapodry Tray

Evapodry Condensate Tray

Vulcanic TEEs Evapodry tray can solve the problem of unwanted condensate by evaporating it from underneath the split systems compressor. The tray simply slides under the compressor and is plugged in.

See more on our new Australian Standards approved design


Thermal’s HVAC Experience

Vulcanic TEE have supplied electric duct heater units to a wide range of projects throughout Australia and overseas, including Singapore and Papua New Guinea.
See below for a list of some of the projects we have supplied:

  • Origin Energy
  • Monash University
  • Griffith University
  • Jupiters Casino
  • Coles HQ Victoria
  • NBN Electric Duct Heaters WA
  • Grand Central Toowoomba
  • Bank of South Pacific PNG
  • Robertson Barracks Darwin
  • Mill Park Police Complex
  • Keilor Downs Police Complex
  • Q Catering Facility Brisbane
  • Northern Territory Prison Secure Facility
  • Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Brisbane Supreme and District Courts
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • St Vincent Hospital
  • Robina Hospital
  • Carrara Stadium
  • Orange Hospital
  • La Trobe Bioscience Lab
  • Big W Mirrabooka Square
  • 550 Bourke St – a 5 Star Green Star rated building
  • Cairns Base Hospital
  • Glen Waverley Police Academy
  • Geelong Hospital
  • Cadia Valley Mine
  • RMC Majura
  • Mackay Base Hospital
  • Kumul Topside Rejuvenation
  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Prince Charles Hospital
  • and many more…

View the terms of our product warranty.