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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Jul 04 / 2014
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some frequently asked questions which may help you find the information you’re looking for.

Click on the tabs below to view some frequently asked questions for each area. Alternatively, if you have one of our units and need assistance, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.

If you can’t find what you’re after, please contact us.



Is Sydney your Head Office?

No, our Head Office is situated in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the NSW Mid North Coast, which helps to keep our manufacturing costs down and still allows for quick delivery of our goods.

Where do you have offices?

Our head office and manufacturing plant is located in Coffs Harbour, however, we have sales branches in Brisbane and Perth, with storage areas to store the most commonly used elements for customers.
Find out more about our locations.

Do you manufacture at the branches?

No, all manufacturing is done in Coffs Harbour and can be freighted directly to your door. This keeps our costs down and ensures that our quality is always to a high standard. We still produce and deliver goods as quickly, if not quicker, than most of our opposition.

Do you have design staff at the branches?

Most of our technical design staff are located in our head office in Coffs Harbour. The branch staff and sales rep can however, take samples and details of your unit for quoting and ordering. Each branch also comes equipped with the latest in video conferencing technology, giving you the ability to have a face to face chat with one of our designers if needed.

Do you stock elements at the branches?

Limited stock is held at our sales branches, including some finned air heaters; refrigeration heaters; drum heaters; controls and other standard products. If you would like us to keep stock for you to order on a regular basis, please contact us and we can arrange this.

Do you produce domestic elements?

We are able to, however it is usually not cost effective to make a special element for domestic purposes and you may find a cheaper ‘off the shelf’ item elsewhere. If you cannot get it from a wholesaler or the original manufacturer, we may be able to help you.

Are you able to manufacture large production runs as well as one-offs?

Yes, Vulcanic TEE has the capacity to produce large runs as well as one-off special elements. All products can be designed specifically to suit your needs. To learn more about our capabilities, take a virtual tour of our factory.

What sort of turnaround times do you offer?

While turnaround times depend on the level of production at the specific time of ordering, our general lead time on most manufactured orders is around 5 working days. Shorter turnaround times and ‘Priority’ production can be arranged for an extra charge.

What hours are your offices open?

The Coffs Harbour plant is open from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Our Brisbane and Perth offices are open from 7:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Find out more about our locations.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, we offer a twelve month warranty on all of our products. Read our warranty terms.

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Accounts and Payment

Payment Policy

Our company policy stipulates that your first order with us needs to be paid up front. Larger orders may be paid in instalments if approved. This is due to the nature of our business, in that the majority of our products can not be resold if the order is cancelled as they have been specifically designed for your application.

How can I pay?

1. EFT – Direct Deposit

You can deposit money directly into our bank account via your banking program, internet banking or at any NAB branch.

Our bank details are as follows:
BSB: 082-551
Account Number: 88 822 1446
Account Name: Vulcanic TEE
Bank: NAB

Please use your company name or invoice number as the reference when paying by Direct Deposit.

2. Cheque

Cheques can be made payable to Vulcanic TEE and can be forwarded to any of our offices for processing.
Find the address of the branch nearest you.

3. Credit Card

We accept MasterCard and Visa. You can call, fax or email your credit card details to us at any of our offices for processing. Please note that all credit card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge, excluding hire deposits. Unfortunately we are unable to accept Diners Club International, Bankcard or American Express (AMEX).

How can I open a trade account?

If you would like to open a trade account with us, please contact your nearest branch for a trade account application form. Please note however, that your first order with us will still need to be paid for up front, regardless of your application for a trade account, as per our company payment policy.

Why do some of my orders require a deposit even though I have a trade account?

Due to the nature of our business, many of our units can not be resold if an order is cancelled after production has begun, nor can we return or reuse some of the materials. This is due to the fact that the units are often designed for a specific application for a specific customer. While most orders will be placed on your trade account, some larger value orders may require a deposit as a guarantee of your order or to purchase specially manufactured parts or materials that we cannot return to our suppliers.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

There is a minimum order value of $400 plus GST if your element needs to be designed and manufactured. The part can be bought at this price or a higher quantity purchased at the quoted price. For example, if you have been quoted $300 plus GST for an item, you can either get two for $600 plus GST or purchase one at $400 plus GST. If we have something ‘off the shelf’ that will suit, then the minimum order value will not apply.

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How much is shipping?

The freight cost of your order depends on the size and weight of the article and where it is being shipped to. This cost will be specified on your quotation and also includes packaging. If you would like to use your own freight company for the shipment of your goods, please ensure they are able to pick up goods from Coffs Harbour and then stipulate your account details on your orders.

How long will it take to get to me?

This will depend on where the goods are being sent to. Contact Us for an estimate.

For General Road Freight: Goods going to Sydney or Brisbane areas from our head office often get there overnight, while deliveries to Melbourne can take around 2 working days. Deliveries to regional areas or other states such as Tasmania, WA, SA and the Northern Territory will take longer.

Air Freight: This can be overnight in most cases.

Why do I still have to pay for freight when I am picking the goods up from a TEE branch?

All of our goods are manufactured in our head office at Coffs Harbour (in Northern NSW) and hence, once ready, need to be freighted to the relevant branch for you to pick up. If it is more convenient, the goods can be shipped directly to the location of your choice. Our quoted freight cost also includes a packaging charge.

What do I do if freight is lost or delayed?

If your goods are not delivered to you by the expected time, please contact your nearest Vulcanic TEE branch with your order number and we will track the parcel for you through our freight courier. While all care is taken in the delivery of your goods and ensuring they arrive on time, we cannot take any responsibility for the actions of the freight company, but we will however, endeavour to resolve any issues as best we can.

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Product Design

Does the design of the element I am looking for have to come from your catalogue?

No, the catalogue only represents a small part of what we do. We custom design and manufacture specials, so we cannot put everything onto the website or in a catalogue. We manufacture thousands of different shapes and sizes of elements each month and can design a unit specifically for your application. To find out what we can do for you, send through a request for a quote.

Do you have design and technical knowledge?

Yes, we have a number of people on the design team that are there specifically to answer your questions and assist you with your enquiries as well as provide after-sales service. Ask them a question.

Can you manufacture special elements?

Yes, this is what we are best known for. Custom design heating elements are what we specialise in, however we can provide custom heating solutions for any application. We also manufacture complete electric duct heating units as well as a range of standard heating products.

Why are you sometimes more expensive than other manufacturers?

We are custom designing and manufacturing a heating element to suit your requirements. We use the highest quality materials and design each unit to last. We are able to get the best possible efficiencies and heat coverage which saves you a lot of money in running costs and heat up times. Our products are known to last longer than many others which will save you money on replacing them constantly and we pride ourselves on our quality.

I have an element that I need to replace, can you make a new one from the sample?

Yes, if you can supply the sample, we can make it. Whether it be replacing a faulty existing element that is causing problems, or redesigning the element to perform more efficiently, we can help. Speak to someone about your sample.

Can you manufacture one-offs?

Yes, we produce mainly one-off units, but we also have the capacity to handle large production runs. Learn more about our production capabilities through our virtual factory tour.

Do you make electric duct heaters?

Yes, Vulcanic TEE are now one of the largest producers of electric duct heaters in Australia and are capable of providing everything from the switches and controls, to the duct heater inserts and finned elements, to the complete package itself including duct section.
Find out more about our air conditioning products.

Do you do ceramic and quartz heaters?

Yes, we have large agencies for excellent quality quartz and ceramic heaters. Find out more about our ceramic and quartz heaters.

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