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Drum Heating

  • Jul 14 / 2014
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Drum Heating

There are several types of heaters that Vulcanic TEE manufacture specifically for heating drums. Consult Vulcanic for your special requirements and we’ll help you choose, design and manufacture the right choice of heater for your application.

Drum Ovens

Drum Heating Ovens / Rooms

A heating oven/room can be designed and manufactured to meet your exact size and specifications. Several drums can be heated at the same time and kept thermostatically controlled between 30°C – 110°C, 24 hours a day.

Many materials require extended heating times for complete and proper meltdown; such as honey, malt extract, waxes and various pharmaceutical products. This can only be achieved efficiently in heated drum ovens or rooms.

A robust construction and high quality finish give Vulcanic TEE the leading edge in industrial ovens. Vulcanic TEE drum ovens/rooms are highly efficient and fully insulated. They have an electronic temperature control, a programmable timer and feature a fan forced recirculated heated air system in standard units. Mobile units and special options are also available.

  • Suitable for Waxes, Oils, Chemicals, Greases, Plastics and much more
  • Standard designs or fully customised – we can build ovens to suit your needs
  • Available with IECEx and ATEX certification
  • Capacities from 1 to 64 x 205L drums
  • Stainless Steel heating elements
  • Portable free standing design
  • Single or multiple chamber options
  • Digital temperature control options
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust construction
  • Fully insulated
  • Temperatures up to 600°C
  • Quick temperature recovery
  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Chequer plate flooring
  • Fan speed control
  • Programmable timer control
  • Heavy duty locking hardware

Standard Drum Ovens/Rooms

Part # No of Drums Width Depth Height Volts Watts
DO1 1 700 925 1300 240 2.4KW
DO2 2 1550 925 1300 240 3.6KW
DO4 4 1550 1550 1300 415 7.2KW
DO8H 8 3250 1550 1300 415 10KW
DO8V 8 1550 1550 2250 415 10KW
DO16H 16 6650 1550 1300 415 15kW
DO16V 16 3250 1550 2250 415 15kW

All dimensions in millimetres. V = Vertically stacked

Download a PDF copy of our Industrial Ovens brochure.

To learn more about the benefits of Drum Ovens, download our PDF white paper below:
Heating Multiple Drums Effectively

Hire a Drum Oven

Vulcanic TEE offers standard industrial drum ovens for hire.

To find out more, visit our hire section

Drum Heater Jackets

Drum Heater Jackets

Vulcanic’s 205L Drum Heater Jacket is designed to safely heat your product without the expense of building a hot room by using thermally insulated panels to zip up around your drum, sealing in the heat.

Unique carbon-film electric heating elements have been selected to ensure the integrity of your product is preserved throughout the heating process. Heat is spread evenly over a wide surface area, eliminating ‘hot spots’ and ensuring even heat distribution.

Because the heating elements don’t contain metal wires or resistors they won’t deteriorate with repeated use. Being made from carbon/glass fibre they can actually be cut, torn or punctured without appreciable loss of performance. In this unique product where they are protected from damage, with ordinary use, you can expect them to last indefinitely – no more element replacements!

IBC Heater Jackets

The IBC Heater Jacket is designed to provide a convenient insulation/heating system for raising the temperature of liquid products transported in the IBC.

The heater jacket consists of four flexible side panels and one lid panel. Inside each side panel is a polyester thermal insulation blanket, insulated electric carbon-graphite heating elements, control thermostats and thermal over-temperature cut-off fuses mounted on an aluminium earth sheet, wiring and a flexible power cord with a 3-pin earthed plug.

Each panel is fitted with heavy duty zip fasteners that make it easy to install on the IBC. The installation forms a stand alone miniature ‘hot room’ suitable for heating in low ambient temperatures. An efficient insulation material is used inside the panel, minimising energy loss from the heated IBC and most liquid products are able to be raised in temperature within acceptable times.

Heater jackets are available for all standard size IBC units. Custom size jackets can also be supplied.

Part Number: IDHJ-IBC – Electrical Specifications: 240V 1200W – Current: 5 Amps

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heater Jackets brochure.

Band Heaters

Stainless Steel Clamp On Band Heaters

Stainless Steel Clamp On heaters are ideal for applications where short heat up times and high temperatures need to be achieved. A low watt density multiform heating element is designed to wrap around the outside of the drum, held on by a stainless steel band with quick release toggle fasteners. Clamp On heaters are light weight, portable and can be moved from drum to drum with ease. If more heat is required, extra clamp on heaters can easily be fitted. Three phase heaters are also manufactured by Thermal with greater power output and are available on request.

The Clamp On heater is ideal for applications where the material or solution to heat cannot come into direct contact with the heating element. This makes them best suited for closed drum situations, for example, solvents.

Standard Clamp On heater units are manufactured with Incoloy sheathed heating elements, 110mm wide and are Simmerstat controlled. 2.5m x 3 core flexible lead and 10 amp plug are standard for single phase units.

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

Base Drum Heaters

Base Drum Heaters

Base Drum heaters are ideal for use in applications where the drum requires heating and is then moved onto the next production stage. Low watt density heating elements are clamped between two heavy metal plates and are temperature controlled. A leg height of 100mm, robust steel construction with high temperature painted finish, 2.5m x 3 core flexible lead and 10 amp plug are standard for the single phase units. This type of heater is best suited for closed drum situations.

Complete stainless steel units are also available and are highly recommended for use in corrosive areas. Vulcanic TEE manufacture totally sealed units designed for hazardous applications, eg Class 1 Zone 1, Explosion proof and Dust Ignition Proof classifications.

Maximum temperatures achieved are approximately 65°C – 80°C for the single phase units and 250°C – 300°C for the three phase units.

A multitude of voltages, wattages, diameters, temperature controls and programmable timers are available upon request.

Standard Units

Part # Drums Size Volts Watts Phases
TBDS20 20L 240 1500 Single
TBDT20 20L 240 1500 Single
TBDS205 205L 240 2400 Single
TBDT205 205L 240 2400 Single
TBDS20⁄3 20L 415 4800 Three
TBDT20⁄3 20L 415 4800 Three
TBDS205⁄3 205L 415 7200 Three
TBDT205⁄3 205L 415 7200 Three

‘S’ for Simmerstat control – energy regulator. ‘T’ for Thermostat control

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

Immersion Heaters

Drum Immersion Heaters

Drum immersion heaters are more efficient and economical than external heating and are used where the solution, liquid or material can be heated with the element being in direct contact. Two installation designs are available. The first is able to be inserted through the pouring hole at the top and the other fits straight into an open drum. Vulcanic TEE drum immersion heaters are light weight and very portable. They can be used in a variety of tank and bath applications. All Vulcanic TEE drum immersion heaters are thermostatically controlled and are manufactured in a wide range of materials such as Incoloy, 316SS and Titanium. 2.5m x 3 core flexible lead and 10 Amp plug are standard with the single phase units.

Vulcanic TEE also manufacture three phase units with greater power output, which greatly reduces initial heat up time and maximises heat recovery.

Standard Units – Open Drum

Part # Drum Size Volts Watts Phase
DW-1 20L 240 2400 Single
DW-2 205L 240 2400 Single
DW-13 20L 415 4800 Three
DW-23 205L 415 7200 Three

Standard Units – Closed Drum

Part # Drum Size Volts Watts Phase
CDW-1 20L 240 2400 Single
CDW-2 205L 240 2400 Single
CDW-13 20L 415 4800 Three
CDW-23 205L 415 7200 Three

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

Drum Immersion Heaters

Emergency Heaters

Emergency Drum Heaters

A very portable, general purpose, high watt density heater. Suitable for emergency heating and must only be used in clean water situations.

The standard emergency drum heater is manufactured with an Incoloy sheath and has a stainless steel adjustable supporting hook. The heater is fitted with a 2.5 metre 3 core flex and 10 Amp plug.

We strongly advise when using this heater that it is used with an earth leakage safety system.

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

Low Watt Density

Low Watt Density Heaters

18.6kW⁄m² (12 watts⁄in²)

Low watt density heaters are suitable for mild alkali solutions, detergent, caustic soda, soluble oils, emulsions, engine oils, general lubricants, mild acid solutions, hydraulic and turbine oils, waxes, heat transfer oils, vegetable oils and tallow.

Vulcanic TEE Low Watt Density drum heaters come in single or 3 phase units. 2.5m x 3 core flexible lead and 10 Amp plug are standard with single phase units.

A multitude of voltages, wattages, temperature controllers, programmable timers, lower watt densities and element protective coatings suitable for specific solutions are available upon request.

Standard Parts – Open DrumStandard Parts – Closed DrumDownload a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

Heated Drum Trolley

Heated Drum TrolleySuitable for applications where the 205 litre (44 gallon) drum is required to be mobile with its contents heated. With its heavy duty construction the heated drum trolley is designed for loading, moving and unloading of full drums with ease.As the drum is strapped down in the horizontal position, the contents can be easily transferred into smaller containers while the underside of the drum is still being heated by fully guarded low watt density multiform heating elements.The heated drum trolley is for materials such as bitumen, tallow, waxes, fat, grease, resin, syrups, honey, etc. where heat is required to create flow.Temperature control is achieved with the use of an energy regulator (simmerstat). The standard Vulcanic TEE heated drum trolley is rated at 240V 2400W and is connected via a standard 10 Amp extension lead. A range of temperature controllers, programmable timers and power ratings are available.Part Number: TDT2400Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

View the terms of our product warranty.

Part # Drum Size Volts Watts Phase
LDW-1 20L 240 2400 Single
LDW-2 205L 240 2400 Single
LDW-13 20L 415 7200 Three
LDW-23 205L 415 10800 Three
Part # Drum Size Volts Watts Phase
CLDW-1 20L 240 500 Single
CLDW-2 205L 240 2400 Single