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Commercial Drying

  • Jul 15 / 2014
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Commercial Drying

Drysafe Industrial Drying Cabinet

Experiencing problems in drying your protective clothing? Using a C-Tick approved Drysafe is the answer. Safely able to dry any type of heavy duty clothing such as fireman’s coats, fork lift duffel coats to skiers parkas.

Part Number SI0387
240V 2400W electrically heated safe drying cabinet, supplied with a 1m long lead and 3 pin plug.
The cabinet is 2000mm high x 1000mm wide x 600mm deep fitted with two front opening doors. The clothes are hung onto a fixed rail suspended above an electric heating element. With the doors closed, air is drawn through the base of the drier, over the heater element and through the roof mounted exhaust fan. A 180min timer controls the unit, together with temperature and over temperature controllers. A green indicator light shows when the cabinet is heating.
A boot rack that fits into the bottom of the cabinet is also available.

Download the Drysafe brochure for more information

Hot Box Air Blower Heater

Hot Boxes are ideal for room heating in areas such as drying rooms, greenhouses, industrial locker rooms, low temp industrial ovens and more. Hot Box air blower heaters are available with axial or centrifugal fan setups.

Hot Boxes are manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel and standard units range from 2kW to 21kW, or we can tailor a Hot Box unit to suit your needs.
Manual reset cutouts protect the heater should the air flow be interrupted.

The Hot Box is a free standing heater suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, with relatively low noise levels. Centrifugal units are also supplied with castor wheels for ease of movement and a fan run on timer for safety. Hot Box units can also be coupled to a ducting system.

Vulcanic TEE offers its standard Hot Box units for hire, find out more.

Download the Hot Box brochure for more information

Warmzone Infrared Heaters

Warmzones provide instant heat and operate silently, making them cost efficient as well as useful for quiet areas such as libraries. They can be mounted and positioned for optimal heating efficiency and with the new outdoor weatherproof Warmzone, they can be used to heat almost anywhere.
Partial, spot and full heating is provided instantly – no unnecessary heating of unwanted areas.
Instant heat – expensive pre-heating is reduced – warmth is felt instantly.
Ideal for clean environments such as food processing areas.
There is negligible heat loss by convection or conduction to the atmosphere even in areas of high humidity or pollution.
Warmzones are also lightweight and easy to mount.

Download the Warmzone brochure for more information

Ceramic Infrared Heaters

Vulcanic TEE ceramic infrared heaters provide a reliable, economical and highly effective source of infrared heat. Because of their versatility, they can be easily adapted to solve many manufacturing problems.

In the plastics industry, banks of ceramic heaters are used in thermoforming products.
The specially designed yellow ceramic heaters are very useful in this process, as they will turn white when heated. If one ceramic heater has failed it will remain yellow, making it much easier to identify which heater is not working and needs to be replaced.

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