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  • Jun 18 / 2014
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Spare parts for Frigrite refrigeration cabinets available

If you are looking for replacement drain pan or coil defrost heaters for your Frigrite refrigeration cabinets, we can supply them to suit a large range of cabinet models. With the closure of Frigrite’s operations, it can be difficult locating spare parts for existing cabinets, however, Thermal has a comprehensive database of cabinet models and the heaters required in them to assist you with searching for replacement parts.
We can also supply these parts for Buffalo/Bitzer, Muller, Kysor and Hussman cabinets. Our refrigeration page has more information.
If you are in need of drain pan or coil defrost heaters for your refrigeration cabinets, please request a quote or contact us.

  • Jun 17 / 2014
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Welcome to our new look website!

Welcome to Thermal Electric’s new look website! Please note that this site is still under construction as we strive to improve your experience of our website and our service. Keep an eye out for upcoming interactive features throughout the site, providing you with more information and access to our products and services.
If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback on the site please contact us.