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  • Jun 28 / 2014
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Congratulations to RPQ on being our 40,000th production sheet!

Thermal has reached a momentous milestone of 40,000 production sheets! This numbering system only started in the early 90s so this is quite an achievement! Congratulations to RPQ Spray Seal who was the lucky customer to get this production sheet and receive a TEE gift pack!

  • Jun 26 / 2014
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TEE is now a member of the Australian Industry Group!

Thermal Electric has become a member of the Australian Industry Group and our director Michael Basa has been appointed to the Hazardous Area Equipment (HAE) forum to assist in the establishment and assessment of standards, both Australian and International, related to the use of electrical products in hazardous environments. This includes looking at the IECEx scheme that Thermal have recently become a part of and assisting other companies in achieving certifications as well as educating government and industry as to the use of these standards.

  • Jun 25 / 2014
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AOG 2012 competition winner – Jade Taylor!

Congratulations to Jade Taylor of Taylor Bros for winning this years barrel draw at AOG 2012. Jade takes away an aged bottle of Jameson Whiskey!
Thankyou to eveyone who entered the draw on our stand and good luck next year!

  • Jun 24 / 2014
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We’re turning 40!

This year we’re celebrating our 40th birthday! Throughout the year we’ll be sharing some of our history with you over our social media sites, showcasing 40 years of success and growth!
The team at TEE would also like to thank all those who have supported us over the last 40 years and we look forward to solving your heating solutions in the next 40 years!

  • Jun 23 / 2014
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Perth office opening 16th January!

TEE’s new Perth sales office will be opening on the 16th of January, 2012.
Peter Bayndrian, from our Technical Design & Sales team has relocated from our head office in Coffs Harbour, to open our new sales office in the city of Perth in Western Australia.
Check out our Perth Office for more information.

  • Jun 22 / 2014
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ThermalEx™ is here! TEE’s new range of IECEx certified explosionproof heaters!

Thermal Electric Elements has recently completed certification with SIMTARS to design and manufacture the new Ex ‘d’ rated ThermalEx™ hazardous area heaters.
All of Thermal’s units, including the ThermalEx™ range, are designed and manufactured in Australia at TEE’s Coffs Harbour plant in Northern NSW.
TEE currently manufactures the widest range of IECEx certified electric process heaters in Australia, providing fast and efficient service to various industries involved with hazardous areas.
ThermalEx™ certified process, inline and immersion heaters are often used in various applications, including Butane/Propane vapourisers; Glycol (TEG & MEG) Reboilers; Crude Oil; Fuel Oils; Sea Water; Tank Heating; and Industrial Gases.
Find out more about our certification and new products…

  • Jun 20 / 2014
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Keep it clean with Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray!

As the warmer weather hits us, we’re bound to start using our air conditioner’s more and more. Unfortunately, this means more unsightly condensate coming from our compressor units.
This condensate can cause unsightly and dangerous puddles around the unit and even stain the ground, which is a problem when the unit is located on balconies or in areas where people might be walking past.
Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray fits neatly under the compressor unit and plugs straight in to give you an easy and efficient way of removing the condensate without the need for bulky pumps or drainage solutions.
Find out more…