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  • Jul 03 / 2014
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Make sure you’re covered with the new IECEx Mobile App

IECEx has a new mobile app available for both Apple and Android users to keep up to date
with the certificates for Ex certified companies.
The app gives access to the IECEx Certificate of Conformity system covering Ex Certified Equipment.
Make sure you’re covered by checking that your suppliers certificate is valid.
Available in both online and offline modes so it can be accessed anywhere. Get it now!

  • Jul 01 / 2014
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EDH Handing Side – finding the best fit

Why are our electric duct heaters more efficient? Because we take the time to determine the handing side, giving you the optimal position for your electric duct heater within the ductwork. Finding the best position not only makes it easier to service the unit (by ensuring it is located in an easily accessible side of the ductwork) but it optimises the over temperature measuring within the ductwork by positioning the thermostats correctly in relation to duct size and air flow
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  • Jun 29 / 2014
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Lean Manufacturing – more than just a trend

In March 2009, Coffs Harbour was hit by devastating floods and the TEE factory, for the first time in 20 years, found itself under a foot of water. While the company’s directors were evacuated by boat, the lean manufacturing program that was by then well established in the company managed to save them from a very large damage bill…

Before the Lean program was introduced, a lot of stock, raw materials and even paperwork were stored under benches, on the floor and anywhere they would fit. All of this would have been lost in the floods, where there was simply no time to prepare for the influx of water that came up through the drains. But because of the 5S program, these areas were clear and free of stock (which had mostly been sold off) and raw materials (which were correctly shelved and stored) and paperwork (which had been archived and stored on the upper level), minimising the floods damage and allowing TEE to return to full scale production after only one day (many other companies in the area were closed for weeks following these floods).

TEE uses a modified 5S system (incorporating the 5S principles of Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) to organise and optimise every process in the company, from filing paperwork to element production to despatching. The system is constantly evaluated to ensure it is not only working but improving the company.

TEE’s stock and stores had gotten completely out of control, to the point where it became too hard to look for a part amongst the stockpile, so staff would simply order a new one to avoid delays, which in turn, meant that the stockpile would never get smaller! During the implementation phase of the 5S program, the amount of items that were found lurking in corners or behind other stock were simply staggering and after implementing the program Thermal has reduced its stock holdings by 10%, not to mention the nearly $8,000 that was made by selling off unneeded items and equipment that was found. By getting on top of this ‘hoarding’ syndrome, TEE managed to reduce costs in the purchasing department by 5%!

Thermal prides itself on maintaining the fastest lead times in the industry and the lean manufacturing program has gone a long way to making this easier and our lead times even shorter. The simple idea of having an organised workspace where tools and storage are clearly labelled and all excess stock or rubbish is constantly removed means that every employee can quickly and easily find the parts and tools they need to do the job. From the admin staff right through production to despatch, the time saved by having a 10% improvement on processing times adds up to big savings to both TEE and the customer!

Everything has been looked at, from the simple process of removing rubbish and excess stock, through to examining each and every process for validity and efficiency. Anything that wasn’t necessary to the process or the product has been removed in order to minimise wasted time and effort. Now items are being produced faster (meaning lower labour costs), out the door faster (meaning less downtime for the customer) and with less errors (meaning less wastage).

With better layouts in both the factory and offices, TEE staff have found it a much more pleasant working environment, with no clutter crowding them into small areas. From this, many employees at Thermal have begun adopting the 5S attitude in their home lives as well, with ‘blitzes’ being done to remove unused items that may have been in the home for years and labelling and organisation being put in place to make their personal lives easier and less cluttered.

  • Jun 24 / 2014
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We’re turning 40!

This year we’re celebrating our 40th birthday! Throughout the year we’ll be sharing some of our history with you over our social media sites, showcasing 40 years of success and growth!
The team at TEE would also like to thank all those who have supported us over the last 40 years and we look forward to solving your heating solutions in the next 40 years!

  • Jun 22 / 2014
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ThermalEx™ is here! TEE’s new range of IECEx certified explosionproof heaters!

Thermal Electric Elements has recently completed certification with SIMTARS to design and manufacture the new Ex ‘d’ rated ThermalEx™ hazardous area heaters.
All of Thermal’s units, including the ThermalEx™ range, are designed and manufactured in Australia at TEE’s Coffs Harbour plant in Northern NSW.
TEE currently manufactures the widest range of IECEx certified electric process heaters in Australia, providing fast and efficient service to various industries involved with hazardous areas.
ThermalEx™ certified process, inline and immersion heaters are often used in various applications, including Butane/Propane vapourisers; Glycol (TEG & MEG) Reboilers; Crude Oil; Fuel Oils; Sea Water; Tank Heating; and Industrial Gases.
Find out more about our certification and new products…

  • Jun 20 / 2014
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Keep it clean with Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray!

As the warmer weather hits us, we’re bound to start using our air conditioner’s more and more. Unfortunately, this means more unsightly condensate coming from our compressor units.
This condensate can cause unsightly and dangerous puddles around the unit and even stain the ground, which is a problem when the unit is located on balconies or in areas where people might be walking past.
Thermal’s Evapodry condensate tray fits neatly under the compressor unit and plugs straight in to give you an easy and efficient way of removing the condensate without the need for bulky pumps or drainage solutions.
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  • Jun 18 / 2014
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Spare parts for Frigrite refrigeration cabinets available

If you are looking for replacement drain pan or coil defrost heaters for your Frigrite refrigeration cabinets, we can supply them to suit a large range of cabinet models. With the closure of Frigrite’s operations, it can be difficult locating spare parts for existing cabinets, however, Thermal has a comprehensive database of cabinet models and the heaters required in them to assist you with searching for replacement parts.
We can also supply these parts for Buffalo/Bitzer, Muller, Kysor and Hussman cabinets. Our refrigeration page has more information.
If you are in need of drain pan or coil defrost heaters for your refrigeration cabinets, please request a quote or contact us.