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  • Apr 27 / 2016
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Industrial Ovens for all applications

Vulcanic Thermal Electric Elements has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom heating solutions, including industrial ovens and hot rooms for a variety of applications.

From drum heating to part curing and even drying dirt, we can design the most efficient oven for your needs, with a variety of options including multiple chambers, shelving, digital controls, locking hardware and more.

Our ovens are insulated and sealed in order to increase efficiency and reduce heat loss as well as reducing your running costs. With portable free standing designs our ovens can be weatherproof as well as being mobile. The solid and robust construction of our ovens ensures an even heat throughout and the sealed design complete with flooring means that the heat will stay inside the oven, meaning the heaters don’t need to work as hard at maintaining temperatures, reducing your running costs.


  • Suitable for Waxes, Oils, Chemicals, Greases, Plastics and much more
  • Standard designs or fully customised – we can build ovens to suit your needs
  • Available with IECEx and ATEX certification
  • Capacities from 1 to 64 x 205L drums – in standard drum ovens
  • Stainless Steel heating elements
  • Portable free standing design
  • Single or multiple chamber options
  • Digital temperature control options
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust construction
  • Fully insulated
  • Temperatures up to 600°C
  • Quick temperature recovery
  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Chequer plate flooring
  • Fan speed control
  • Programmable timer control
  • Heavy duty locking hardware
  • Apr 01 / 2016
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Congratulations on 25 years!

April 1st marks the 25th anniversary of our Directors Michael Basa and Julie Jardine taking over TEE.

Since 1991, the world has changed dramatically with the spread of the internet that coincidentally started 25 years ago as well but Michael and Julie have run a tight ship, driving the company forward and adapting with the times to take us from strength to strength.

Our product line has grown from just the humble refrigeration elements to a wide range of products including drying cabinets, ovens, load banks and even explosionproof hazardous area heaters.

So from all the staff, past, present and future, we thank you for your drive and leadership and look forward to another 25 years!

Check out their stories on LinkedIn

Julie’s Storyhttps://lnkd.in/bagdY42

Michael’s Storyhttps://lnkd.in/bAA8y9T

  • Dec 09 / 2015
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50,000th Production Sheet!


Congratulations to Soak Tank for being our 50,000th production sheet! Michael visited Kim at Soak Tank to drop off a prize pack and take a quick selfie. This is also a great celebration for our team at TEE, every production sheet represents a different type of item being manufactured in our factory here in Coffs Harbour and over the years even the sheet itself has seen a lot of changes. So congratulations to our production team, our design team (who push out the sheets) and our customers whose orders create them!! Now on to 60,000!

  • May 08 / 2015
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Think you can’t use electric heaters for Bitumen? Think again…

Low Watt Density = Less Burned Product

Thermal’s bitumen heaters are designed with bitumen in mind. This may sound obvious, but we know how important it is to consider the product we’re heating when designing an element that is fit for purpose. Many of our competitors will provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions that are not suited to bitumen, resulting in damaged and burned product from over-heating.

This is where TEE’s low watt density, black heat bitumen heaters excel. The low watt density of the elements reduces the surface temperature, giving a more even heat and reducing the chance of your bitumen being burned while maintaining fluidity. And we don’t stop there, sure anyone can look at the surface watt density, but we take it one step further and look at the wire watt density within the elements as well. While the surface watt density might be within the acceptable limits, if the wire watt density inside the element is too high it can work like a fuse and burn out the heater anyway.

Each heater is designed with your application and power supply in mind while maintaining a safe and efficient low watt density to protect your product. For larger requirements we can supply heaters with more elements, offering you a stronger heater (for your large amount of bitumen) and still keeping that low surface temperature for protection.

Insulation Barrier for controls and other safety devices

You may think electric heating won’t work for your bitumen product because you’ve been burned (pardon the pun) in the past. But this is simply not true. The problem is that many companies will not take the time to design the heater to suit YOUR needs, not their own. We want to make a heater that will work for you, and not just work, but work well for you. In addition to designing the heater to suit your size, power and temperature limitations, we also build an insulation barrier into all of our bitumen heaters. This barrier prevents the residual heat from forming hot joints destroying and melting the controls or terminals at the end of the elements, which can cause failures and even damage to your equipment. The insulation barrier, again, is designed to suit your application, so the thickness of the barrier will depend on the temperatures you are trying to reach. We also build extra safety devices into our units to avoid the elements over-heating your bitumen and causing fires or even explosions within the storage tanks.

Save money on staffing and fatigue

Pre-heating bitumen can be a slow process, and even slower if you have to stay and monitor it, much like watching paint dry. Thermal’s electric heaters (unlike the gas powered alternatives) are plug and play, set and forget. No more staff needed to keep an eye on the heater while the bitumen is warming up, simply plug it in (we can pre-wire your heaters and even supply the power cord if you like) and let it do its job while you get on with something more important. Because each of our bitumen heaters are designed for your specifications, it will know how hot it needs to get, how long to heat for and when to stop. The built in controls and safeties will make sure it doesn’t go rogue and try to over-heat your bitumen.

Shove it in, turn it on, heat it up

We like things to be simple, easy and efficient, and that’s how we make our heaters. Our bitumen heaters are made to specifically suit your needs. Switching from gas to electric? We’ll make our heaters to fit in your existing thermowell. Already got a tank with a failed or poorly running heater in it? Easy, we’ll make our heater fit into the system you already have but make it work for you. Are you still using ceramic bobbin type heaters? Don’t put up with such a fragile, high maintenance solution. Our heaters simply slot into your current system or tank and won’t be bothered by corrosion in the pipes or the length of your tank like the ceramic heaters will. Need to replace it or service it? It comes out just as easily without having to cut open the tank.

Don’t play with fire

Using gas brings its own set of risks, including naked flames in possibly hazardous areas. Why take the risk for your company and your workers when there is a much safer alternative available. Just because gas is a fairly standard solution, does not mean it’s the best, or the safest. And its danger means you might have to pay someone to stand there and monitor the heaters to make sure something doesn’t happen, bringing the danger of fatigue into the mix, not to mention the large gas reserve you might need if you have large storage tanks to heat. Don’t make your life harder by bringing more and more WHS regulations into play, our electric set and forget safety controlled heaters can eliminate a lot of work and a lot of worry.

  • Mar 04 / 2015
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Vulcanic TEE gains Petronas License

Vulcanic Thermal Electric Elements (VTEE) now has a PETRONAS license under Tegas. PETRONAS or Petroliam Nasional Berhad is Malaysia’s custodian for its national oil and gas resources and a multinational company ranked on FORTUNE Global 500 largest corporations.

A company with a valid PETRONAS license like TEE is allowed to supply goods/services to both the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and the downstream activities of PETRONAS including maritime activities.

The upstream sector focuses on the search for potential underground/water crude oil and natural gas fields and exploratory well drillings while the downstream sector refers to the refining of petroleum crude oil and raw natural gas processing.

Having our Petronas license will help us in servicing our Malaysian clients even better and those in the Asia Pacific Region. This also serves as a gateway for us to expand our network not only in Malaysia but also around the world. Thinking outside the box has been our goal through the years that makes us more than just a manufacturing company but one that also prioritises our client’s needs through continuous improvement in our operations.

Tegas is a Malaysian Manufacturer for battery chargers, AC/DC power supply equipment, and nickel cadmium and lead acid batteries. Enhanced Track is our Malaysian representative, servicing our clients in the SE Asian market.

Our ThermalEx products are registered with Petronas under SWEC code PE1090200 – Process Heater Design, assemble, supply, deliver, install and commissioning with License number 473781-D.

TEE and Tegas Kombinasi Teknologi Sdn Bhd, along with Enhance Track, have been approved by Petronas for Standardised Work & Equipment Categories (SWEC) code last 21st August 2014.

  • Jan 30 / 2015
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Next Generation Clean-In-Place Heating

Thermal’s new generation of Clean in Place Heaters are designed for high steam pressure and temperatures to assist the system in providing superior cleaning without degradation.
Each heater is custom designed and manufactured to suit your CIP system and application, from corrosive acids to plain water solutions, in all shapes, sizes and installations, TEE’s CIP heaters are made to fit.

Manufactured from the highest grade materials, our CIP heaters reduce the amount of maintenance needed and offer a long lasting solution, cutting your overall costs. We can also replace your current CIP heating if they are damaged or under-performing.

Thermal Electric provides an overall heating solution, designing each CIP heater to provide the most efficient unit for your particular application, from temperatures needed, power used and shapes to make installation easy.

Our CIP heaters can also be manufactured for hazardous areas certified to IECEx or ATEX standards if required, protecting you and your workers from dangerous sparks or ignitions in explosive atmospheres.

Contact us now or send through a quote request to find out how we can help you make your CIP system more efficient.

  • Nov 13 / 2014
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Keeping Bitumen moving

TEE’s Bitumen heating solutions

Thermal Electric designs and manufactures custom immersion heaters for the Bitumen and Asphalt industries to be used in various applications including storage containers, tanks and onboard spray trucks.
Bitumen needs to be kept hot to avoid setting as it cools and to maintain fluidity for use and transport between containers and delivery to trucks. Specialised heating bundles are also used onboard the road spraying trucks to ensure the flow of the product when in use.
TEE’s unique black heat design guarantees maximum heating efficiency without burning the bitumen product or causing vapourisation. Our low watt heaters have been very successful due to their reliability and their ability to stop heat transfer into the terminal⁄control enclosure.
Standard heaters are available for use in storage tanks and containers as well as custom designed heaters to suit special applications.

Get a Quote now! or Contact Us for more information.

  • Sep 25 / 2014
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ThermalEx and ThermaLoad – heating for the Gas industry

ThermalEx and ThermaLoad heaters and load banks are already in use across a number of gas processing facilities, compression stations and remote sites throughout the country, including the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline, Moomba Gas Fields, Gorgon and Gladstone LNG.

Thermal Electric designs and manufactures all of its products in-house to provide the most efficient solution that is fit-for-task, eliminating a lot of issues experienced with off the shelf generic designs.

ThermalEx Hazardous Area Heaters

Our ThermalEx range is certified to both IECEx and ATEX standards for hazardous areas, ensuring the highest safety and quality standards, giving you piece of mind and insurance against ignition dangers while operating in hazardous areas.

Electric heating is vastly superior to gas powered heating when accurate temperatures are required, for instance to maintain warranty on gas turbines. The power consistency and quality of our electric heaters provides cost-efficient and optimised heat for your application.

The ThermalEx certified range is constantly expanding and includes a variety of products including:

  • Knockout Drum Heaters
  • Fuel Gas Heaters
  • Glycol Reboilers
  • Seal Gas Heaters
  • Natural Gas Heaters
  • And much more, view our Experience List

ThermaLoad Resistive Load Banks

Our ThermaLoad range of resistive load banks and braking resistors are used across a wide range of industries for generator load testing, dummy loads to ensure generators are running at optimal capacity, battery testing and more.

As with all of our products, ThermaLoad load banks are designed and manufactured fit-for-task and optimised for your specific application, offering a host of extras like touch screen controllers, trailer or container mounting, auto or manual control, remote operation, USB data logging and more.

View our Experience List

If you would like more information on any of our products, please contact us or send through a quote request and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • Jul 08 / 2014
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What is an electric element?

Ever wondered how an electric tubular element works? Check out our latest Youtube video to find out! Electric tubular elements are one of the most versatile and efficient forms of heating today and it’s amazing how something so simple can be made into some of the most intricate designs in the heating industry.

Visit our Youtube Channel


ThermaLoad is here!

ThermaLoad is TEE’s new range of Intelligent Load Banks.
Our load banks are offered in a variety of formats and options including standard modular designed units, portable units, trailer-mounted, marine and more!

Learn more…