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2014 in Review

  • Mar 04 / 2015
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2014 in Review

2014 has been a big year for Thermal Electric Elements. We have witnessed significant growth in the manufacture of new products and exposure in the international arena.

Participating in the 20th International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference in the Offshore South East Asia (OSEA) 2014 resulted in some great feedback from associates and visitors, as well as a growing number of clients.

Expansion in Operation

Having our new office in SG enables us to reach companies and individuals across the country and the whole Asia Pacific Region. The office caters to clients who want a local point of contact for TEE’s products and services.

TEE’s Petronas License is another big international leap as we are now able to supply our products to both the upstream and downstream sectors of oil and gas industries in Malaysia. Having built a network with Petronas (through Tegas and EnhanceTrack) sets the bar for our servicing expertise.

Innovation in Manufacturing

Our ThermaLoad intelligent load banks and ThermalEx hazardous area heaters have both been extremely popular and we have more new designs coming in 2015.

An increase in our workforce is set by our growing number of clients and orders. We have hired more technical sales people in our Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices allowing for prompt service anytime.

The Future

It takes years of research and experience to build a strong innovative culture, but the reward is fulfilling for those who strive.

Innovation has long been part of Thermal Electric Elements. Adapting to new technology while making the most of what it has to offer in the market has distinguished the company from the crowd. TEE has grown to be the specialists in custom heating, continuously creating new products and services that change lives and businesses.

2014 has raised the bar for all its business processes. We are all looking forward to a bigger and brighter year in 2015.

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